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A more
social music

The ultimate social media app for music fans to
discover music, listen to songs in-app, and share music
to build a community around the music you love.


Connect with like-minded music fans who share your music interest and stay up to date on your favorite music topics.

Discover new songs
& artists

Find songs by searching for music based on artist, genre, or vibe and discover music you actually want to hear.

All your music in
one place

Search, listen to, and share songs from YouTube and Spotify without leaving the app for a more simple music experience.

TAMBER is a new social media app where music fans can gain followers and post free YouTube and Spotify songs to a social music feed.

Unlock a community

Join the conversation on your favorite music topics. Follow friends and users who share your music interest to stay up to date with the latest music. Easily post free music from YouTube and connect to our Spotify player to share with your followers and listen to songs without leaving the app.

Music interest feed

Stay up to date on your favorite music topics with your curated interest feed. The interest feed lets you follow along with what people around the app are saying and sharing about the music you love most so you can discover new music and new people to follow.

TAMBER is a social music app with free music from YouTube, Spotify player, and free music sharing.
Search songs and music from YouTube, Spotify with a free music and social media app. Discover songs based on genre, vibe, and music artist.

New music at your fingertips

Find music across Spotify and YouTube and play music without leaving the app. Tag songs with a vibe and genre to improve song discovery and search for new music based on artist, genre, and vibe.

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